Sailor Song...

Sailor Jerri is a Navy Veteran from central Minnesota.  She served as an AM (Aviation Mechanic) on F/A 18's.  Jerri recently wrote and posted "Hallelujah Veterans Version"

The song was meant for everyone in the military but Jerri says it was mostly for the members of G4G Covert Ops, a site for veterans. “This group is like family. It gets pretty personal but the guys open up to each other in a way they typically wouldn’t in the real world. If someone has a dark day they will have 150 messages and 13 phone calls in an hour just be sure they are on the level. That group is immensely supportive and the song was mostly for them.”

The video already had over 6 million views and more than 111,000 shares in just the first six days on her Facebook page.

It has now been viewed over 88 Million times....

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